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Summer Vacationing in Greece

March 15th, 2021

Greece is definitely no stranger to the world. It has long been a tourist hot spot ever since its modern inception. It is also well-known for its original inception as this country is packed with internationally taught history. Both Greece and Rome are incredibly important due to their art. In fact, Greece is on the top 20 list of must-see tourist destinations in the world.

Greece and the Greek Islands features three main things that cannot go unnoticed. These three things are ancient civilization architecture, fantastic landscapes, and a flourishing tourist trade. Greece is hot in the summer time, I am not going to lie to you, however, the beaches and pristine waters make it all worth it. Especially if you utilize services like Airbnb and Tripedia. With these sites you can find affordable lodging and tips and tricks on having the best vacation of your life.

Over the past decade Greece’s tourism trade has grown rapidly with all kinds of travelers frequenting the area. From celebrities to politicians, singers, models, and people like you and I; Greece is visited year-round and even made a residence for some. Greece is not one of those places that offers a little-it offers A LOT. In fact, staying for a couple weeks if possible would be ideal in order to take everything in.

Discover Greece

If you find yourself wondering why Greece is so worth a visit, allow me to give you a few reasons… the nature, the art, the architecture, the beaches, amazing views, and warm and accepting culture that is rich in history. Exploring the entire country and seeing everything there is to see would take one around a year due to its additional islands. Greece is in fact an amazing place to visit but not just for the beaches, nightlife, and Mediterranean feel.

Are you a fan of art or architecture? Perhaps both? Visit the Acropolis of Athens, a 5th century BC temple monument on a small hilltop. Find your way to the Parthenon, the iconic 5th century BC Athenian Ruins of a Temple. I assure you, these structures are breathtaking, and unless you are a celebrity; it might be the only chance you get to witness history like this. You can also visit the Acropolis Museum for a bit of ancient history. This museum actually features ancient treasures within it. Again, it is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for many.

Discover Athens

Athens is the capital city of Greece and it is quite a lot to take in should you get the chance to visit. All of the sights I mentioned earlier are actually located in Athens. No matter how large and unbelievable these sights may be, there is still much more to see in Athens than meets the initial eye. For example, you can sign up for a very affordable tour.

The Athens Highlights: A Mythological Tour allows travelers the unique opportunity to witness basically all that Athens has to offer. At least as far as architecture goes, The Athens Highlights Tour will feature a guide who will navigate his way through the area, showing you an array of structures and the like while providing all the facts that make them so legendary. You will also be able to hear the stories behind Athens from its discovery to its golden age. Learn about wars, rebirth, and a whole lot about mythological history. Not only will you see all the main sights, but some of the smaller yet equally impressive sights that sometimes go unvisited.

Discover Nafplio

Let me start by saying, Nafplio is one of the most romantic spots in all of Greece. It is also one of the most beautiful towns in the country. At one point between 1823 and 1834 it was actually the capital city of the ‘Greek state’. It is a seaport town with a whole lot of water traffic as one might expect. It is of course surrounded by water making for an excellent place for beach visits and getting some sun and fresh air.

Make your way through the town, taking in the charming neighborhoods, welcoming culture, and local activities. The town itself is of medieval design with narrow alleys featuring cobblestone walkways and neoclassical mansions surrounded by lovely Bourgainvillea trees. There are also many Turkish fountains in the area for a quick stop and wish or kiss spot. This town has so many photo opportunities you could fill a memory card in a camera.

Once you reach the heart of the city discover Syntagma Square and all of the historical buildings within the vicinity. From different Turkish mosques to the Archaeological Museum and the Municipal Gallery-this small feeling town has a LARGE amount to offer visitors. I strongly suggest you swing by should you make your way to Greece.